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Med domom in svetom

Edited by: Igor Grdina
Year: 2011

The volume Med domom in svetom ('Between home and world') contains biographies of people that connect Slovenia with other European countries. It covers a variety of fields from diplomacy, music and medicine to fine arts, film and the clergy. It provides a detailed presentation of the Ipavec family of doctors and composers (Alojz, Benjamin, Gustav and Josip), diplomat Vladimir Ciril Miselj, Cardinal Jakob Missia, doctor and politician Ivan Oražen, composer, conductor and jurist Viktor Parma, doctor Ivo Pirc, diplomats Jožef/Josef and Ivan Schwegel, Jesuit, scientist, technician, school and religious organizer Gabriel Gruber, actress Ida Kravanja (a.k.a. Ita Rina), doctor Franz Wilhelm Lippich, chemist and doctor Fritz Pregl, and doctor, politician and publicist Alexander Rudolfovich Trushnovich.

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