Novi Slovenski biografski leksikon. Četrti zvezek (C)

Editor-in-chief: Barbara Šterbenc Svetina
Year: 2022

The fourth volume (personalities with surnames beginning with the letter C) of the New Slovenian Biographical Lexicon contains 152 entries by 105 authors, presenting the most significant Slovene and Slovene-related personalities and families from all periods of our history. In compiling the lexicon, we follow a proven research approach in the field of biographical studies (the emphasis is on verified facts based on accessible sources), the authors are experts in the individual epochs and therefore qualified to present and evaluate the work of individual personalities.

The printed edition is supplemented by the online portal Slovenska biografija (edited by Petra Vide Ogrin, SAZU Library).

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Miha Naglič: Novi Slovenski biografski leksikon (C); Gorenjski glas, 27.2.2023

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