Slovenian bio-bibliographical database

The Slovenian bio-bibliographical database has been developed as part of the preparations for the new edition of the Slovenian Biographical Lexicon. It serves as the basis of a glossary and facilitates the editorial and administrative work of the editorial board. The database also provides a systematic overview of personal and family collections kept in the archives of the Slovenian Biographical Lexicon.

In order to also meet the needs of other users of bio-bibliographical data, we have decided to significantly enlarge the database, with the final objective to create a collection that will contain verified bio-bibliographical data for at least 30,000 prominent Slovenes and families, and that will be open to new extensions and revisions in the future.

The database currently (June 2013) comprises 22,561 bio-bibliographical records. Most records only use boxes that contain basic bio-bibliographical data on prominent individuals (name and family name, alternative names and pseudonyms, date and place of birth, as well as date of death for the deceased, activity or activities they performed, as well as references to the main Slovenian bio-bibliographical works in which they are included). The database can be searched by any of the relevant boxes.

The Slovenian bio-bibliographical database is available only on the institute’s computer.

The database may be used upon prior arrangement (tel. 01 47 06 295 or every working day between 9 a.m. and 1 p.m.