Archival Collection of the Slovenian Biographical Lexicon

Collection description

Informally, the archives of the Slovenian Biographical Lexicon (SBL) already began to operate before 1925, when the first volume of the lexicon was issued. In the desire for the lexical entries to be based on the latest data, the editorial board decided to send questionnaires to the still-living creators. The questionnaires and materials that the authors of articles on prominent Slovenes collected for the lexicon were the foundation of the archives, which have been operating for nearly ninety years. At the end of 2012, the treasuries of written, printed, photographic or otherwise recorded documents on prominent Slovenes or individuals who were importantly linked to Slovenian culture and actively engaged in our political, cultural, scholarly, economic and other kind of development, contained about 14,560 files (personal and family collections). Each year, about 3000 existing files are upgraded with new materials – mostly clippings from periodicals, folders, brochures and other kinds of ephemera with biographical data – and more than 250 new ones are opened.